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Poached Eggs


This is an oldie, but a goodie. The elusive task of egg poaching is a symbol of adulthood. If you can poach an egg, you can handle your life. Get on that buzz here.

While you were Weekend-ing: vol.2


Bob Dylan hits the Tron - check out this review by the Herald, and this review by Nexus-friend Hp,  to see what you missed out on. From what we've heard, the man still has it.


NZ is now screening for Ebola. Risk is low for New Zealanders, but it might be handy just to read up on what it actually is so you're not an ignoramus on the subject. 


The Maryland Six Flags leaves theme-park goers stranded on a roller coaster early Monday morning (NZ time). No one was hurt and they're not even upside down, so you're clear to find it entertaining.


Dude buys house at 20. Makes the rest of us feel shit.

While you were weekend-ing.


Topics for the water cooler this week:

Orlando Bloom is everyone's hero. Bieber is Bieber.

"We tortured some folks" - Barrack Obama admits CIA torture in the most casual pull quote we've seen in a while.

Beyonce capitalises on media speculation by addressing that elevator gossip in her Flawless remix with Nicki Minaj. Bey knows how to play -  the general public out of it's cash, that is. 

NZ WINS 45 COMMONWEALTH MEDALS. New Zealand is stoked, as per usual.