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Summer Snaps vol.1


We've been out of production for months now, but our phone is still blowing up with snaps! So here is a small collection of the garbage we're still receiving on a daily basis:

This was a video clip of someone throwing an apple at a car. We do not condone this behaviour. Mostly because they missed.

This was a video clip of someone throwing an apple at a car. We do not condone this behaviour. Mostly because they missed.



IMG_7157 copy.jpg

Cheesecake & Lament

Look at me tirelessly eating dessert! Just to bring you good people reviews! This time it was Smith and McKenzie’s cheesecake festival. We were pretty excited, the idea seemed awesome; many delicious cheesecake flavours, money going to good causes, $8 cheesecake: Yay! But it was actually quite the anti-climax (sad trombone).


As mentioned there were some pretty stellar sounding flavours, there was much indecision and a complicated voting system implemented to whittle the original bunch down to 4, to share among 3 of us (you got 4 for $30, how could we pass that up?!)…and then we waited an inordinate amount of time for what was basically cutting some slices of cheesecake and putting them on plates – there wasn’t a whole lot of garnish going on so I’m not sure what they were doing – the restaurant wasn’t particularly busy.


Cheesecakes finally arrived and we excitedly lifted our forks… to be met with some pretty mediocre cheesecake. Everything either tasted like not much or tasted very strongly of only one component. Passionfruit brulee = passionfruit syrup. Salted peanut caramel = peanut butter (not sure what happened to the salted caramel). Rhubarb and white chocolate = not much – until you got some of the stewed rhubarb served on the side. Chocolate honey and crunchie was my favourite – but even that lacked any complexity in flavour.


I think the idea was great – involvement from local community groups and money and prizes going to the winner. I also think the flavours those groups created were ace. Sadly, I felt that S&M just failed at executing them with any panache. Boo-urns.



James Raffan

This week (or last, depending on where you are reading this) we published an article titled “First, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers,” a pithy title that has its roots in Shakespeare. The article title was meant to convey the belief of the writer and the Editorial staff that the process of declaring an election winner was seemingly heading toward a legal challenge.

The article used an image that unintentionally identified some third parties and I sincerely want to apologise for that.

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