By Nexus
Oct 07, 2019

Mexico Margarita Review


Because there’s no better way to spend a Tuesday night, we thought we’d take one for the team and slam some margaritas - for the purposes of journalism, of course. Big cheers to the team at Mexico for helping fund the beginning of the final print-week bender x

Raspberry and Yuzu
I don’t know what the fuck a yuzu is, but it’s possibly some kind of addictive, illegal substance because this tipple went down quicker than a rugby boy on Lime Cruisers mid-season. It tastes like a little kid’s (spiked) birthday punch - hence, the perfect choice if you’re 18 and can’t hack the taste of alcohol but still want to fit in.

Lychee and Baby Ginger
This one was a rollercoaster. First off, the rim was covered in chilli flakes. Goddamn. Spicy. Chilli. Flakes. All I could taste was fire for the next 20 minutes and was like screw you, ya pretty pink drink of lies. Once I emotionally overcame that experience, this drink was decent AF. I would compare it to, let’s say, a Bundaberg Guava - dangerously easy to drink.

Blackberry and Coconut
First taste is the deliiiiicious sugary cinnamon sprinkle on the glass, second taste is DAMN there’s a lot of tequila in this puppy. Perfect choice for dessert or for day drinking; we can tell you for a fact that the more of it you drink, the less tequila you can taste…

Blueberry and Lavender
Despite sounding more like the bar of soap your grandma uses than a margarita, this one was yummy AF. Don’t be scared, the lavender is super subtle but you still sound boujee. Best bet if you’re aiming to look kind of classy, but still need some alcohol to get you through the family dinner.

Black Plum and Cinnamon
This is the KING. I don’t even know how to do this justice in words, but if a genie specialised in plumbing told me they’d install a tap in my flat kitchen with any alcohol I wished for on unlimited flow, it would be this bad boy. Do yourself a favour and get this mix down your oesophagus ASAP.

Aight, we aren’t going to lie, after a few of these even the most hardened among us will be giggling like schoolgirls - so since we started the groundwork, this gives y’all the perfect excuse to finish it. Treat yo’self to an end of year margarita review with a fuckload of Mexico fried chicken (it’s the best in the world and we’ll fight you if you say otherwise) on the side, yeah?

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